Executive & Leadership Coaching

With so much disruption, uncertainty, pressure and crises, as well as exciting possibilities for change, coaching provides executives, leaders and managers with the thinking space for sense-making, renewal and robust dialogue within a trustful, safe and supportive relationship. Scientific research has proven that coaching can be a powerful and transformative methodology to promote and accelerate leadership capacity, enhanced performance, and personal and organizational growth.

My coaching programmes

My flexible, adaptive and personalized approach means that I customize programmes to your needs and requirements. They might be short and targeted or longer in duration. Sessions can be in person, online, outdoors in the fresh air while walking, or a combination. I work with commercial and non-commercial enterprises as well as with private individuals and pro bono initiatives. In collaboration with organizational transformation partners, I provide the critical executive coaching to support change strategy and processes.

What is coaching and what isn’t it?

Professional coaching for leadership development helps leaders realize their potential, achieve their aspirations, and have more impact and influence in a way they care about. The Institute of Coaching defines it as “an interpersonal process that helps people achieve positive change and growth. By harnessing innate strengths, uncovering intrinsic motivations, and asking empowering questions, coaching fosters self-generated insight, vision and goal clarity”.

This is why my approach is primarily facilitative rather than directive; it isn’t about providing answers and telling others what to do. Nor is it about imparting knowledge on a specific subject or sharing work experience. It isn’t teaching, consulting, mentoring or therapy.

As a thinking partner, I create open, confidential spaces for joint inquiry, deep reflection and authentic conversation. Providing high challenge and support while working with both your inner and outer agendas – the personal and the practical – I enable you to make sense of your current situation and experience, and gain new insights and greater understanding from new perspectives. I help you question any assumptions or limiting beliefs, or discover any blind spots, while encouraging experimentation and purposeful action.

What are the benefits?

My executive and leadership coaching programmes enable you to:

  • make informed choices with insight and awareness
  • grow in a way you choose e.g. become more productive, fulfilled, confident, creative…
  • embrace complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity
  • generate more value for self, team, organization and beyond
  • develop your career and explore opportunities
  • prepare for a new role or manage a transition successfully
  • gain a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and legacy
  • shape a positive work environment
  • clarify a compelling and exciting vision tapping into aspiration and passion
  • energize, inspire and develop leadership in others
  • access resourcefulness, resilience, wisdom and intuition
  • re-gain balance, presence and well-being
  • engage and collaborate effectively across cultures and diversity
  • deliver outstanding outcomes with a greater sense of accomplishment.

Judith as your coach

Educated to Master’s level, and now embarking on doctorate research, I hold two diplomas from the Academy of Executive Coaching in the UK – an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (2012-14) and an Intermediate Practitioner Diploma (2008). A member of the International Coach Federation, I am accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). In connection with my research, I am an affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching.

My rigorous coach training and commitment to evidence-based practice allow me to draw on a wide range of techniques, models and approaches. I work across disciplines including politics, philosophy, coaching psychology, and adult and leadership development theory. My guiding principles focus on translating new learning and insight into action and results, working with the whole person – mind, body, heart and spirit – and creating value for key stakeholders beyond the individual. Furthermore, I serve my clients through my commitment to ethical practice, discretion and high professional standards, and my own ongoing personal and professional development. Lastly, my Structure & Flow approach integrates clear contracting, processes, commitment and boundaries, with creativity, humour, joy and playful experimentation, and whatever’s emerging.

Coaching outdoors

For those who enjoy walking in nature, I provide coaching sessions outdoors, designing routes according to preference and ability, from walks in city parks to Alpine hikes. Research confirms that the combination of coaching with fresh air and exercise is highly effective and stimulates new ways of creative and strategic thinking and deeper reflection. Positive outcomes also include feeling calmer, more balanced and re-vitalized.

If you have any questions about coaching and how it might benefit you, or you would like a reference or two from satisfied clients, feel free to get in touch.