Development Workshops & Facilitation

To support the development of key leadership capacities, skills and mindsets, I deliver and facilitate stimulating and energizing workshops and masterclasses on targeted areas for small groups of leaders, emerging leaders and teams in organizations. Working in collaboration with senior leaders and HR, we co-design learning and thinking spaces based on real needs and challenges and aligned with broader strategy.

What are the objectives?

The aim of these practical workshops is to empower, enable and inspire participants to develop personally and professionally, to move forward with their goals and get tasks done, as well as to expand awareness and perspectives. Participants get the opportunity, time and space to come together, to share their thinking, ideas, aspirations and challenges, and to practise and experiment with new ways of being, relating, thinking, communicating and acting. The desired outcomes and objectives of each workshop should align with the broader strategy for leadership development and the change agenda of the organization.

How do I work?

By creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment, I enable participants to engage in open discussion, reflection and creative thinking, facilitating generative exchange in a way that sparks new insights, deeper understanding, and purposeful action-planning for change. I might draw on relevant theory and models in presentation-format, in combination with exercises, activities and reflective tasks. Giving and receiving feedback (or feedforward) is also integrated. I have extensive experience in professional training, facilitation, teaching and coaching that allows me to blend a range of techniques and methods, whatever works best. As well as a Master’s degree, I hold a diploma and several certifications in professional education.

Developmental areas

My workshops and masterclasses focus on leadership, team and personal development. They can last anything from 2 hours to 2 days, and might take place in-company, in-person, or else off-site or online. Examples of themes are:

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers
  • Integrity at Work: Building ethical awareness
  • Developing Personal Resilience and Resourcefulness
  • The Coaching Strategy Workshop
  • Starting the Purpose Journey
  • Co-inventing Our Team Charter

An associate of Blueprint for Better Business in the UK, I support senior leaders to envision and establish a broader compelling purpose for their business that aspires to have a positive impact on communities, society at large and the environment.

If there is a development area not mentioned here that you and your colleagues would like to work on with a facilitator or trainer, I’ll be happy to have a conversation to explore possibilities and ideas. Please feel free to get in touch.